The Greater Akron Food Truck Coalition advocates for laws that will allow food trucks to operate in Akron—free from arbitrary and anti-competitive restrictions—and ensure that food trucks meet the same health and safety standards as brick-and-mortar restaurants.  This will allow the city to experience all of the many benefits that food trucks have to offer the communities they serve.

The city of Akron is prepared to take steps into the burgeoning world of food trucks, but our representatives face choices.  Many communities across the country have opted to allow creative and hard-working entrepreneurs the freedom to innovate and serve up an exciting (and tasty) quality of life.  Unfortunately, however, some local governments have succumbed to the pressure of entrenched interests and have allowed the legislative process to be manipulated to protect the bottom lines of favored businesses from competition.  The Greater Akron Food Truck Coalition is here to stand for economic liberty and the freedom to choose.  Which path will Akron choose?

3 wheeler


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